eLearning Music App


CategoryUser Interface/ Animation/ Graphic Design

ToolsAdobe Xd, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect

ClientNMPD Program 

MembersDavid Jones, Birgit Zemsauer, Gabrielle Caubalejo, and Ricky Nguyen

RoleUI Designer, Graphic Designer, Animator

Site Link —  here


Forte is an eLearning music app that teaches beginners how to play the piano. There are be smaller lessons within the modules that will teach the user an introduction to music theory and specific skills. Whenever they complete a module, they will receive a medal. This web app is recommended to use with a piano keyboard.

The logo was created based on the basic dynamic “forte”, combined with the treble clef, one of the most common symbols in music. Forte means loud or strong, so I decided to visualize this website with just one eye-catching colour with the dark mode UI design trend.


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